Founded in 1955 the Coolspring Township Volunteer Fire Department has an extensive history. Our services are provided to Coolspring Township and the Town of Trail Creek as well as the unincorporated town of Waterford. Coolspring Township is one of 21 townships in the county of La Porte and as of the 2000 census its population was 14,910.

Former Station 1

Coolspring Township Volunteer Fire Department Former Station 1

Fire Station No. 1 7295 West Johnson Road

Fire Station No.1 opened around 1956. The original building was made up of the right two bays. The Department added the left bay and the upstairs meeting room and called this station home until 1991. That is when the current station 1 located at 7111 West 400 North was built a few blocks away. Old station 1 still stands today as a carpet store.

Inactive Firemen

Kirk Bos Dave Childress Phil Cross Bill Dean Mark Dougherty Bryon Enos Steve Galinowski Brian Gondeck Don Gregory
Billy Harvey Mark Harvey Terry Heckman Kevin Jentzen Charlie Morgan Mark Nowatzke Ted Nowatzke Mark O'Brien Brad Parkhouse
Mark Shebel Mike Turner Eric Wagenblast Cliff Wozniak Matt Wrobleski Allen Zepik

Our Past Chiefs

Year Chief Year Chief
1955 Tony Levondoski 1985 Paul Laux
1956 Chuck Jost 1986 Paul Laux
1957 Tom Shepperson 1987 Paul Laux
1958 Owen Cross 1988 Dave Werner
1959 Owen Cross 1989 Dave Werner
1960 Owen Cross 1990 Craig Seifert
1961 Owen Cross 1991 Craig Seifert
1962 Owen Cross 1992 Craig Seifert
1963 Orphie Loomis 1993 Craig Seifert
1964 Dave Grott 1994 Craig Seifert
1965 Dave Grott 1995 Craig Seifert
1966 Ray Nowatzke 1996 Craig Seifert
1967 Ray Nowatzke 1997 Mick Pawlik
1968 Guy McCue 1998 Mick Pawlik
1969 Guy McCue 1999 Mick Pawlik
1970 Orphie Loomis 2000 Mick Pawlik
1971 Orphie Loomis 2001 Mick Pawlik
1972 Orphie Loomis 2002 Mick Pawlik
1973 Orphie Loomis 2003 Mick Pawlik
1974 Orphie Loomis 2004 Mick Pawlik
1975 Orphie Loomis 2005 Mick Pawlik
1976 Orphie Loomis 2006 Mick Pawlik
1977 Tom Cashbaugh 2007 Mick Pawlik
1978 Tom Cashbaugh 2008 Mick Pawlik
1979 Tom Cashbaugh 2009 Mick Pawlik
1980 Dave Werner 2010 Mick Pawlik
1981 Tom Cashbaugh 2011 Mick Pawlik
1982 Tom Cashbaugh 2012 Mick Pawlik
1983 Phil Cross 2013 Mick Pawlik
1984 Phil Cross 2014 Mick Pawlik